Bear Lynch March 9/2001 - June 1/2002

Bear Lynch

LYNCH, BEAR was born March 9, 2001 in Midlothian TX and passed away June 1, 2002 in Midlothian TX after a reoccurring illness. Bear is preceded in death by his sister Dog Lynch. He is survived by his Mother Shadow Lynch; brothers Chubbs Lynch, and Spot Lynch, all of Midlothian; his brother Rover Vergvall of Mansfield TX; Sisters Corky Jones of Waxahachie; his twin sister Dasha ? of Duncanville; Missy ? of parts unknown, and Crusher Lynch of Midlothian. Bear's hobbies included ankle biting, keep away, plant harvesting, begging to come in, running around the patio, squirrel chasing, barking at the neighbor kids, and chewing on raw hide. His most unique feature was a single white hair on his left front shoulder. He will be greatly missed.