Sayings or Stories

Favorite Saying: Some people know almost everything about nothing, I know almost nothing about everything.
Some people are good at Trivial pursuit, they know everything about nothing.
I have knowledge about most subjects, but when compared to an expert I know almost nothing.

Never set your goals so low you can't have it all

What would life be without God: A meaningless exercise in futility.

I have been told I have a cloud hanging over my head. If it can go wrong it will.
I say it's clearing up.

Your Talking over my Head: I'm short, that does not give you permission to talk to someone behind me like I am not even there.

My company was contacted by a Pizza/Entertainment company. I talked on the phone with several people and finalized a deal to come to their site to resolve a problem they had been working on for several weeks. I took along an employee named Mike. Mike is literally a foot taller than me. We were met by two of the pizza companies technical staff. Nether Mike or myself had ever spoken with either of these two individuals. We were both greeted and welcomed. We then made our way to a meeting room. At that point the pizza company employees began asking Mike questions about our plan for resolving their issues. Mike, a very capable employee, answered all the questions while I sat quietly. Once everyone was happy with the plan, they asked Mike when we could start. Mike then pointed to me and said you had better ask him, he's the boss. At that point the expressions on their faces changed. The both apologized to me for leaving me out of the conversation and they also turned a bright red color. I told them I enjoyed the show.

As a small child traveling with my parents we stopped for lunch at a restaurant. My mom and dad both ordered coffee. When the order arrived I asked my mother if I could have the creamer. She handed it to me. My father took his creamer of the plate and handed it back to the waitress. The waitress then said to me you can have your grandfather cream too. I could not hear what she said so I asked my mom "what did she say mama". We never saw that waitress again.

Once at a large corporate luncheon I was sitting at the end of a long table of about 30 people. The waiter took everyone's drink order and returned to the table. He took the first drink, mine of course, off the tray and poured the rest of them all over me. Not only was it cold and scalding hot but some of the glasses were heavy and painful. The waiter ran away several other restaurant employees came to my aid with towels. The manager of the restaurant also came to the table apologized and gave me an address to send my dry cleaning bill to. I immediately left to go home and change. I returned to work latter that day and was informed that the restaurant had picked up the check for the entire meal. I did not get to eat at this "great" restaurant, I had all sorts of fluids poured on me, I had to buy my own lunch, and they never paid for the dry cleaning.

Don't let my bad attitude get you down. I don't let it get me down.